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Swedish Full Body Massage   60 minutes $ 70 * 90 minutes $ 105

Improves skin nutrition and induces relaxation while increasing circulation and improving muscle tone.

Therapeutic Massage   60 minutes $ 80 * 90 minutes $ 120

Made to relieve pain or work on a specific problem caused by a soft tissue conditions, trauma or imbalance. Starts with assessments. Then, according to your needs, the therapist will apply differenct modalities such as trigger point therapy, myoskeletal alignment and myofacial release techniques, joint capsule release, passive and active stretching, muscle activation... in order to restore muscle balance and normal range of motion. Sports shorts and bras are recommended.

Thai Massage   60 minutes $ 80 * 90 minutes $ 120

The application of Thai massage is rythmic and meditative and you may feel both relaxed and rejuvenated. It is a combination of energy work, compression, stretching. Done with long loose fitting pants and long sleeve shirt.

Ashiatsu Massage   60 minutes $ 80 * 90 minutes $ 120

Massage done with therapist feet. Increases circulation due to more surface compression. Longer-lasting effect, elongates and broadens at the same time.

By appointment: 
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